Sonic Nirvana: Gong Bath with Mantra Music

Bliss-Filled Gong Bath and Mantra Music Meditation 

Re-awaken to cosmic consciousness and the heart’s true nature in this bliss-filled gong bath with gentle mantra music and guided meditation. Tune into the mysteries of life and the essential connection between all things with a renewed awe and wonder. You’ll leave feeling a boost of gratitude, compassion, and peace throughout your whole being. 

Sonic Nirvana is a 90-minute sound meditation and journey offering the healing vibrations of gongs, gentle guitar and other stringed instruments, native drums and harmonium, Tibetan bowls and bells are also incorporated, along with the singing of ancient mantra. Dress in comfortable clothing so that you can lie back, relax and receive. Feel free to bring your own cushions, blankets, eye-pillows or anything else to make your experience more cozy. 

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